Links to Designers

It’s not always easy to find stunning designs in furniture and homewares in our high street shops.  The Interior Design Student is on the case.  I’m working on a compiling […]

Understanding Texture in Interior Design

Texture is an often overlooked aspect in the design of a decorative scheme, yet it can convey mood and style and add interest and depth to an interior. Texture is the surface quality […]

Useful Links

Here you’ll find links to Interior Design associations, courses, industry journals and magazines.  Please get in touch if you’d like to see a particular website linked here. Go to Useful […]

30 Beautiful Bookrooms

Thirty enticing settings for bookworms to luxuriate in.  A library need not just be a place to store books; it can be a relaxing hideaway, a place to entertain, or […]

Understanding colour in interior design

Colour basics that every student of interior design should know.  Lots of information about the theory, use and psychology of colour, colour perception, temperature, systems, harmonies, etc. Read Part 1:  Using Colour Part […]

Interior Design Glossary

I will be building an alphabetized glossary of interior design terms as I progress through my own course.  I hope you will find it an increasingly useful reference tool as it grows. […]

The Interior Design Process

Small projects may not require every step in the design process to the same extent as larger, more complex interiors, but even the simplest projects will benefit from a systematic […]

Welcome to Interior Design 101!

Hello and welcome! I am blogging my way through a distance-learning course in interior design.  I hope you will take a look around the website and find something useful, whether you […]