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Interior Design Textbooks

Dodsworth (220)- Fundamentals of Interior Design
The Fundamentals of Interior Design (2nd edition, 2016)
Simon Dodsworth
(Online £22.19 /$36.95, ISBN 978-1472528537, 208 pages)
Beautiful colour illustrations and diagrams throughout.  Text is clear and short case studies are included in each chapter.  The chapters are organised in a less straightforward and intuitive way than in some other text books, which would be easier to contend with if the index were more comprehensive.  There is no glossary, which is disappointing in a textbook.  Overall, this book provides narrower coverage and less depth than some other textbooks.  An interesting read, but not an ideal resource for study or reference.
Verdict: ★★★☆☆
Nielson - Interiors-an introduction
Interiors: an introduction (2nd edition, 1994)
Karla J Nielson & David A Taylor
(RRP £55.82 /$55, ISBN 978-0697125439, 434 pages)
Reviewed here is the 2nd edition, the current edition is the 5th edition (online price £165/$218.30).   Very comprehensive and easy understand with lots of diagrams.  This edition has too many black and white photographs (even in the chapter on colour); I would hope the current edition has more full-colour images.  The index is comprehensive and the glossary is very good indeed.
Verdict: ★★★★☆
Nissen - Inside Today's Home
Inside Today’s Home (6th edition, 1994)
LuAnn Nissen, Ray Faulkner & Sarah Faulkner
(RRP £11.05/$29.99, ISBN 978-0030554926, 672 pages)
As comprehensive as you would expect, given the number of pages. Easy to understand. Too few colour photographs.  Not much on furniture arrangement.  The index is comprehensive and the glossary is fairly good.
Verdict: ★★★★☆


Farrow & Ball - How to Decorate
How to Decorate (2016)
Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby
(RRP £30/$39.99, ISBN 978-1784720872, 268 pages)
Farrow & Ball’s latest book is as beautiful as their previous publications. A ‘How to’ book with plenty of really useful advice on colour choices and inspiring images. Useful chapters on individual colours, colour combinations, neutrals and paint finishes.  I like the section showing which colours are authentic to which eras. Good index; very limited glossary.
Verdict: ★★★★★
Pile - Colour in Interior Design
Colour in Interior Design (1997)
John Pile
(ISBN 978-0070501652, 320 pages)
This is a really well-written and comprehensive book.  It provides accessible detail on the theoretical aspects of colour, as well as practical guidance on pleasing colour harmonies and how to realise them in a successful interior scheme.  Unfortunately, the images are a little dated now and the index is incorrect in places, as are textual references to diagrams.  Still a very useful read for the interior design student.
Verdict: ★★★★★